Clear Vision, Safe Journey
Your auto glass heroes in Grand Junction! Swift, reliable repairs for a crystal-clear view on your adventures.

Windshield Replacement

Your reliable solution for damaged windshields. Our skilled technicians provide seamless replacements with top-quality materials, ensuring your safety on the road. Drive with confidence again - choose us for clear views and expert results.

Lane Departure Warning System Calibration

Lane Departure Warning Calibration, now at Glass Pros! Keep your drives safer than ever with precise and reliable alerts, meticulously calibrated by our experts. Trust Glass Pros for professional service, ensuring you stay confidently on the right path. Drive with peace of mind, knowing your vehicle's safety features are in expert hands.

Restoring Clarity and Safety on the Road

Repair & Replacement Service

Get expert auto glass repair and replacement from Glass Pros. Our skilled technicians use top-quality materials for quick, seamless repairs or OEM glass for durable replacements. Drive with clarity and confidence—schedule your service today.

Auto Windows

Quick, safe, and hassle-free service. Skilled technicians fix chips and cracks with high-quality materials. Book now for clarity and peace of mind on the road!

RV's and Motorhomes

Our technicians provide seamless glass repairs for your RV or motorhome, ensuring worry-free travels. With a safety-first approach and attention to detail, we guarantee your vehicle's glass will be in top condition. Schedule now at Glass Pros GJ for a clear and safe journey ahead.

Hot Rods & Classics

Restore the timeless allure of your hot rod or classic car with our dedicated window replacement and repair services. Trust Glass Pros GJ to deliver exceptional craftsmanship and uphold the legacy of your cherished vintage ride. Schedule your service now and relish the unparalleled charm of your classic automobile for years to come.